Sunday, February 23, 2014

Turtle-necked Beagle

According to our vet, Flip had an infection on his neck. The doc irritated the huge bubble over a week ago, and last weekend it festered and drained naturally. Now Flip wants to scratch. And scratch. And scratch.

So now he has to wear either a turtle-neck collar or gloves. We decided on the collar. And shouting, "Don't scratch!"

Here Flip is in his latest fashion statement. 

Don't our tile floors in the kitchen look great? Our cleaning lady treated the dirt spots, then she scrubbed them, then I scrubbed them, and finally my hub sealed the brick pavers.

Happy people and happy beagle. Look at that wagging tail!


Anonymous said...

Classy puppy.

NanaDiana said...

LOL, Linda. All he needs is a wool blazer and he will be set to go for an interview! xo Diana

A Quiet Corner said...

So he loves that new tippy look!!!!...the floors do look wonderful!!...:)JP