Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Breaking Bad Marathon and Dr. Pepper Pork

What do you do when it is too hot to do anything outside?

Well, this weekend while in The Big City with our bachelor son we kept cool while watching television and cooking/eating pulled pork. 

Doesn't sound too healthy, but it is what it is. August always proves to be a killer when it comes to keeping fit. Even our Flip is on the "fluffy" size, but cooler temps in a few weeks should change all that.

Late Friday night my hub and son began the Breaking Bad marathon. I jumped in on show viewing Saturday afternoon while reading a few blogs, pouring the Dr. Pepper and canned hot peppers in sauce over the 11 pound pork roast as in the Pioneer Woman's recipe (Recipe Here)and stuffing a load of clothes into the washing machine.

Watching non-stop episodes of Breaking Bad starring Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul gradually became addictive. As I slipped into the storyline, my hub was slipping out. Although Hub can watch hours of home building or automobile reconstruction or even American political shows, he started to get tired of Breaking Bad. Between the Bloomberg News articles, he looked up for the next predicament that high school chemistry teacher and his former student "partner in crime" were into. I, on the other hand, began to follow this "soapy", but not so squeaky clean drama.

As in most crime thrillers and even sit-coms today, the writers try to appeal to lots of audiences. Breaking Bad is no exception. This one includes almost everything imaginable. From low paid school teacher to cancer treatments to unexpected pregnancy to shoplifting to deaths to drugs to cops to embezzlement to Spanish to chicken restaurants to family relations to escape miracles to airplane crashes. You name it. It is nestled somewhere in there.

As you can imagine, we did not complete the marathon. But Hub will find the series so that we can see a bit more. 

And if not, we can wait until next winter for the next "big baddie" Better Call Saul.


Anonymous said...

The pulled pork part sounds good.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Good lord, that's a lot of pork! Hope things cool down for you soon.

I've never seen Breaking Bad, but my nephew really likes it.

Linda said...

We put four quart bags full of pork in the freezer for our son to have ready for meals in the future. Plus we threw away a couple of pounds of bone and fat! We didn't eat as much as it sounds like, but it was good! And I never thought I would like Breaking Bad, either. Linda

Jill said...

Breaking Bad was a great show!! That's the way we started watching it too, it hooks you right in!

I can taste that pulled pork!