Thursday, August 7, 2014

Complain, Complain!

My mom calls my blog my "complaint" blog. Rightfully so, I guess. So today I promise not to complain.

Yesterday my preggie cleaning girl came back to help me with my vacuuming. Don't ask how that happened. It just did, and I am not complaining!

This morning we had a good rain shower for about 30 minutes. Plants in the yard are watered. No complaints from me. ( My hub may feel differently, since he was planning to mow grass later today.)

My new batch of yoghurt set up well. No complaints!

I cleaned 1/2 of the kitchen cabinets yesterday while Miss J. was vacuuming, and now I need to go finish that instead of writing this. 

But no complaints.

Just stating a fact!


Anonymous said...

There is no point in one listens, no one doesn't even make you feel good. I'm liking your positive vibes today...

Endah Murniyati said...

Well... sounds so nice everything without complain.

Janneke said...

Haha, a `complaint` blog. As I see you have a cleanining girl but you do yourself so much cleaning work like cleaning cupboards and so on and even cleaning the iron sole plate. Sometimes we have to but so boring, haha, I shall not complain, I go to the garden, dreaming about how it should look like when I worked somewhat harder.

Astri Bowlin said...

That's a wonderful post. Sometimes we have to vent right?

Here's my non-complaint: My youngest daughter left for grad school this morning...From Utah to Louisiana!

Linda said...

LSU? Although my family and I graduated from ULM (Monroe, La.), almost every person around here is an LSU fan. Does that mean you will be visiting lovely Louisiana sometime in the future? Your daughter will have culture shock for sure. ;))) Linda