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LL 25 augustus 1979

25 augustus 1979

Dear Mother and Daddy,

While Signor J. prepares spaghetti with ragu sauce, I'll let you know about our trip so far. We left Olst on Tuesday morning around 11:00. Traveling out of Holland and into Germany in the rain was not exactly scenic, but it was interesting. We spent that night in a German guest house near Rottweil, Germany. The room had no hot water or bathroom. Wednesday morning I went to the toilet downstairs and got locked in. I shouted "Help" and pounded on the door. Finally, the lady manager awoke and opened the door. J. said he heard me, but he thought someone was being awakened by the knocking.

Wednesday we entered Switzerland. We walked for 2 hours in Zurich and then travelled to Lucern. We walked through the shopping area looking for a store that sells Famolare shoes. We found it, but they no longer sell those shoes. Europeans don't like comfortable, ugly shoes for women.

Chapel Bridge, Lucerne, Switzerland
(photo source--

Then we drove on to Lauterbrunnen outside of Interlaken, Switzerland. We slept in a nice hotel, but the shower was only one big drip. We had a delicious steak with french fries for dinner.

Thursday morning we arose early and rode a train up the mountains Eiger and Jungfrau. We saw "real" glaciers and snow everywhere on the top of the mountains. The temperature was below freezing, but luckily I was dressed warmly. We went as high as 11,333 ft (above 2 miles). Can you believe there was actually a restaurant there? The train is the only one in the world to go so high.

That afternoon we visited Trummelbachfalle (pot holes made by the glaciers). We went inside these pot holes with the waterfalls only inches away spraying our faces. 

(photo source--

You can guess how frightened I was. Later we travelled back to Interlaken and then through two mountain passes in the fog and rain. I was a nervous wreck. J. was mad because we couldn't see the panoramic view, and I was GLAD I couldn't see the scary ride.

Thursday night we slept in a quaint little guest house with a pitcher and wash bowl and no hot water. It is strange that they had handworked lace sheets and a delightful feather comforter, but a dinky toilet on the 2nd floor.

Friday morning we rode on another pass through the fog. Then we entered Italy, and the weather immediately cleared up and got warm. We walked around Milan and had some famous Italian gelati (ice milk).We arrived here in Iseo, Italy around 4:30 p.m. And came to the house but the guests were still here. So we stayed last night in a hotel by the lake. The view was beautiful across the lake to the neighboring island. Last night a terrible thunderstorm hit the area around 9:00. I think I even heard hail, but I was afraid to look out to see.

This morning we shopped for groceries and came up the mountain to the house. The guests were still here, but they left about an hour after we arrived. J. and I worked for a couple of hours setting everything up for us. We even put up an aluminum and plastic swimming pool that is filling with water over night.

I had time to get a little sunburn on my arms while sitting on the balcony. The temperature was about 78 F in the shade, but the breeze makes it feel cooler. Tonight the temperature is in the 60's.

J's spaghetti wasn't his best, but it was filling. We'll stay here tomorrow (Sunday) since there is too much traffic in the village. Monday we'll do some shopping and sightseeing.

It is good to have my own guide and translator. He can get along anywhere. I'm understanding more Dutch. Hopefully I'll begin my class when we return.

Well, my handwriting is getting worse so I'll stop. Please don't forget the money transfer from my savings to my checking. I will need it Sept. 10.
Tell everyone hello, and I'll write again next week.
Love, Linda


A Quiet Corner said...

LInda, I hear the words enjoyment, relaxation, fun in your words...:)JP

miniviper said...

J didn't react to you pounding on the door. Not surprised.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Mountain roads terrify me too.

Aren't you glad you didn't get the job? If you had you would have missed this trip!