Thursday, August 21, 2014

Postcard 24 juli 1979

[Cornelis Kaay (geb. 1905) Dorpsgezicht Nieuwe Niedorp. Collectie Westfries Museum te Hoorn]

24 juli 1979

Dear Mother and Daddy,
Had liver, onions, and homemade bread for supper. Wish you could have been here. J. is oiling and repairing my sewing machine. Hope it helps. 
Have received many letters from students. I will miss those kids the most when school begins. Will see about job interview next week. Keep your fingers crossed.
Had a nice weekend in Olst. Heard 4 languages on Sunday. What confusion!! Maybe we'll go there again this coming week-end (28-29). I'll write more later. 
Love, Linda

[Luchtpost/Par Avion 50 guilder cents stamp. By the way, I am still using that Kenmore sewing machine that is now 44 years old and has crossed the Atlantic twice--once by mail and once by freight. Before I left my teaching post in Baton Rouge in the spring of 1979, most teachers in East Baton Rouge Parish were On Strike. With my impending move to Europe, I could not afford to Strike. So I crossed the picket lines every morning to get into school. Needless to say, I received my pay, but I lost most of my friends. :(( What a way to say, "Farewell." And the 4 languages--Dutch, English, Italian, and French. Maybe there was even some German thrown in for good measure.]


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I loved this post, such amazing memories,

A Quiet Corner said...

Memories like this are so heartwarming