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LL 11 september 1979

Venice Photo Source
11 september 1979

Dear Mother and Daddy,

J. went back to work today, so I'm catching up on housework. Yesterday I went to the Volks University to see about taking a Dutch course. Thursday night I have to go back to take a test to see how much I know (not much I'm sure). Then I will be placed in a class. That will begin the end of this month.

Also, I'm planning to go to the police station to register tomorrow so I had new photographs made yesterday. I am enclosing one of the better ones. I will probably have to wait in a long line to register, but there is no other alternative.

Yesterday afternoon we drove to the Hague (30 min.) to my Michigan State course. I think the class should be easy and will give me something to keep me busy for 5 weeks. (The class meets Mon and Thursday 4-6 pm.) J. will drive me on Mondays, but I'll ride the train on Thursdays. My Dutch class will be either Thursday or Friday night.

I miss not working, but I'm glad that I've saved a little money and am able to take these classes. Perhaps next week I'll call the American schools to remind them that I'm still available to substitute.

I was glad to get home Sunday night. This vacation was very interesting, but I was worn out when we arrived in Olst late Friday night. The day that J., another couple, and I went to Venice, A. and I had food poisoning. We think we got it while eating the night before at an Italian family's home (tuna salad). I have never had such stomach cramps! We were sick for over two days, but we never stopped sightseeing. Luckily, we just had the cramps and didn't have to visit the toilet often because they are hard to find in Venice.

Venice is the most unusual place I've ever been. There are only boats and water canals through the city. We parked the car outside of the city, because we couldn't drive on water. There are walking streets, but no cars. The boats go right up to the doors of the hotels, train station, etc. We saw venetian glass being made and visited the Lido (the very first bathing beach). I waded in the Adriatic Sea while we were there.

Last week on the way home we slept in Innsbruck, Austria and in Germany with J's cousin. We visited two castles built by Ludwig II (Lindenhof and Swan Castle). We also saw a Glockenspiel (sp.) like a gigantic cuckoo clock.

But I'm relaxed again at home. And B----straat 32 does feel like home now. No more vacationing until Christmas.

We are having corn-on-the-cob and chops for dinner. Wish you were here to join us.
Take care and take some photographs for me. Tell W. she isn't doing her job.

Love, Linda

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