Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10,000 Steps! No Way!!

Our engineer son keeps us in the technology. I am now blogging on my new iPad Air 2 with a pedometer safely clipped onto my shirt pocket. Besides using the new weight scale we received back last fall, I am trying my best to walk 10,000 steps each day. That is a challenge for me even with a reasonably big house. Not being the "little miss homemaker," I have to force my steps.

Two weeks ago, I began doubling my daily walk around the meadow and pond. Out of necessity I added a "begin the day" walk with Flip since we have been keeping him inside because of his hurt leg (or paw or something). He can still walk, but every single time we let him go play with Kara he comes back limping. So staying close to home is his fate at the moment. Saves on the "dog showers"! He isn't a fan of those, and we aren't jumping to suds him up either. Plus a simple walk around limits tick hitchhikers!

Anyway, this is my meager results so far today as far as the 10,000 steps go.

I'll be lucky if I make the 6,000 mark after our evening walk. Oh, well, I am trying! 

It is freezing down here in southwest Louisiana. And the ground is saturated from all the rain we have had recently. Most of those 3,896 steps were made in mudholes on our path.

Rubber boots don't make the best walking shoes :(.

Update at 10:50 pm:::

Better than I thought. ;))))


Laurie M said...

its harder walking in rubbers, I think you should double those numbers, lol, good luck!

Gerry said...

Een mooie stok achter de rug, Linda!
Als je het wandelen eenmaal goed hebt opgepakt zul je zien hoe verslavend het werkt.
Het is heerlijk!

Lieve groet,

Buttons said...

Cool I may need to get one of those. To see your progress must be very fullfilling. Hug B