Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pests, Part 2--Oh Cracky! The Otter is Back!

Remember my blogpost over a year ago? If not, click on Otters .

This time, otters are definitely not cool! He/She is probably munching on our grass carp that we added to the pond in December 2014!

Oh, we caught the 2nd mouse today. He/she was back in the coat closet looking for my peacoat. But we are going to leave the "loaded" traps in the closets just in case any mice relatives decide to drop in for a visit.

Now to figure out what's up with the coyotes. Their howling and moaning keeps me from walking my meadow path in the mornings. :(



Delores said...

Now you can find out where the mouse was getting in. Always a fun thing lol.

Laurie M said...

nice to know we're not alone in this world, lots of wildlife!