Saturday, January 24, 2015


It is enough to make my blood pressure soar! At least Mouse #2 made me almost squeal on my way to a routine doctor's appointment yesterday.

Who would have ever thought that the blue woolen peacoat that I haven't worn in two years would be the nestling spot for Mouse #2? Since the weather was damp and cold ( and my fleece jacket was in the dryer), I decided to wear my super warm peacoat to my appointment. As I reached into the coat closet (right next door to the pantry!!!), a mouse jumped out of the coat, bounced on the floor, and scurried into a closet two doors down. I wanted to scream but knew I would give my hub a heart attack and then what could he do. Well, put out more traps, of course.

So instead of screaming, I jerked the coat out of the closet. Threw it on a bench in the mudroom and grabbed a woolen cape. Not much chance of mice in that flat piece of fabric! Then I was off to my appointment.

This is what I found in the pockets of my peacoat:

After we had destroyed the magnificent Dollar Store shredded bag home next door in the pantry, Mouse #2 was busy getting the next home ready. In my pocket! 

What did we do next? Put traps in all the closets in that hallway! No mouse ( mice!!!) yet!


Linda said...

And, yes, we emptied all the tissues out of my jacket and coat pockets!!! Linda

Gerry said...

Je hebt het niet getroffen met deze beestjes!
Veel succes!

Lieve groet,

Delores said...

How frustrating. I had one get in my tea towel drawer years ago...It completely destroyed a pair of oven mitts.

Laurie M said...

wow, looks like they were making a lovely little nest in there, lol, !!!!!

Endah Murniyati said...

I often got problems caused by mouse, bot of in my home and garden. But since I have cats in my home, all the problem is over.

Janneke said...

You need some cats Linda! But are n´t they cute, they definitely wanted to make a nest in your pocket, haha.

A Quiet Corner said...

Linda, I told you there would be more than one...:(JP