Sunday, January 18, 2015

Time To Organize That Pantry!

I know! I know!

It is January, and everyone should be in the organizing mood. Every magazine is packed full of ideas. Okay, I get it!

We are reorganizing our pantry! Not because of the magazines, or the television shows, or because it is almost spring.

There is a MOUSE in the pantry!!!!

Lately I had smelled the most lovely aromatic spices when I opened our pantry doors. Actually thought I was just getting into the mood for our trip to Morocco in a month. Little did I know that Monsieur Mouse had found an unopened package of Moroccan flavored couscous, soup noodles, chocolate chips, vanilla pudding mix, and most recently my assortment of salted nuts ( that was the clue).

Plus, he had made a cozy home of shredded Walmart and Dollar Store bags behind some empty plastic trash bins. Think he was taking a doze last night when we discovered his new home, since we saw him scurry away to another corner of the closet.

Hub set out two mouse traps baited with peanut butter last night and this morning one trap was set off. By Flip!!! While we were taking out future "meals" for the gourmet mouse, our beagle sneaked in around us and snapped one of the traps. Luckily not on his nose! But don't think he will be trying that again. He can wait to be served his PB and cookie treat!

We set two more traps ( this time with chocolate chips), piled up the kitchen table with boxes and bags of yummy, tempting ingredients, and will now "organize and mouse-proof as much as we can before sanitizing and reorganizing the pantry as soon as we catch the mouse.

That is our first mouse in 7 years of living in this house!

Who invited him for Bed and Breakfast, anyway? 


Anonymous said...

Destructive little devils aren't they?

A Quiet Corner said...

Oh dear...good luck with catching the rascal...let's hope it doesn't have a friend! ...:)JP

Carla from The River said...

LOL ~ good luck and keep us posted.
Fun post. :-)