Sunday, March 15, 2015

Easter Tree 2015

As I rarely get around to putting up a Christmas tree in December, this Easter tree idea is even more out of my character. But this week at the really great thrift store out in Wijhe, I found some little packages of Easter bunnies and chicks and eggs I could use on an Easter tree.

I always wanted to purchase a bunch of curly twigs for such a tree, so on Friday I finally broke down and paid the 2 Euros for sticks. After decorating with my thrifty buys and a few plastic eggs that have been sitting in the buffet drawer for a few years, here is the result:

(And, no, this tree has a better place on the coffee table. The lighting and background are just too bad today.)

Another view.

These are not vintage decorations, but cute anyway.

This couple remind me of my son's Sylvan Bears from 30 years ago.

Eggs, chicks, and rabbits. What else do you want a couple of weeks before Easter?

Bunny mobile.

Now back to the coffee table before Hub knocks it over.

(psssst! Two plastic eggs tumbled onto the hard floor and cracked. Oh, well. They were nice for a few hours.)


Anonymous said...

What a sweet idea.

Endah Murniyati said...

I like the beautiful twigs! Very nice decoration!

Tracey Radford said...

It looks great! Like the idea of an Easter tree. Adorable little rabbits - my Sylvanian-obsessed daughter would whip those away in an instant!