Thursday, March 26, 2015

You Know You Are In The Netherlands When

Your train traveling 140 kilometers per hour to Amsterdam is delayed because there is a baby deer running in a panic alongside a fence next to the train track, and the engineer said he has to get out and scare it off the tracks.

You have to wait in a long line to line up for the toilet in the Rijksmuseum.

You have to push your way to the front of way too many visitors at Rembrandt's Nightwatch.

You try to enter the Late Rembrandt exhibit at the Rijksmuseum, and you are told it is way too crowded at that moment, so come back at your appointed time.

You need a GPS to find anything you want to see in the Rijksmuseum.

You have to ask directions in the museum, because the maps of the museum on the iPad museum app look like chicken scratch.

You expect a sunny day and exit the museum to find it is raining cats and dogs. (And you left your umbrella at home.)

You enter your chosen Indonesian restaurant in the pouring rain to hear from the owner that he doesn't open until 5:00 pm, and "No, you can't sit and wait for the restaurant to open." Even if it is pouring rain!

You go to Starbucks for coffee while you wait for your restaurant to open, and the girl sitting next to you is speaking Norwegian.

You can't get your OV transportation card to work in the tram, and the conductor has to help.

You find the last empty seats on the tram.

The conductor shouts out in English that everyone standing should move to the front of the tram, "because there is more room over there than over here."

The conductor shouts out in English. "we are arriving at the Dam Square, Madame Tussauds, and the Red Light District. And a lot of other things."

You fall all over your fellow train passengers while making your way to a seat on the train from Amsterdam to the Beltway Apartment.

You sit in an S (silence) train wagon and smash your knee into the metal trash container attached to your seat.

You write this blog post while sitting on the train using FREE WIFI


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