Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Really Stink!

While sitting in the airplane, I am readily aware of the close quarters and the odors ( in particular that awful smell of soap or cologne when people exit the airplane toilets. Yuck!!!)

Luckily, the days of the unpleasant reeking unclean body odors of travelers is a thing of the past. At least on the trips that we make to, from, and around Europe and the US.

But travelers and shoppers and those around us still STINK!

In 2015 the stink is usually an unnatural sweet smell. So sweet and flowery that your nose begins to twitch and you often sneeze. The aromas are not nice! They make me ill.

I can remember while teaching seventh graders ( you remember those dirty little kids?) and watching some boys running to their hall lockers (after playing a rowdy game of four square or dodge ball at recess) and spraying lots of aerosol deodorant on their sweaty shirts and pants to camouflage their B.O. 

I also remember about this time of year giving the annual Spring speech to those cute boys and girls reminding them to shower every day and begin using deodorant. So I guess you can blame me for the stench of deodorant on their sweat impregnated clothes. 

I was really happy when aerosol (Right Guard in particular) deodorant was banned at our school ( kids were setting fire to the spray in the PE locker rooms or using the spray as a weapon). At least with the roll-ons they had to go into the restrooms to pollute the atmosphere and sweeten up their adolescent armpits.

Today we aren't just clean, but we have decided that isn't enough. Now we have to "smell" clean. Thereby lies the "stink."

My kind nephew recently brought a lovely and expensive bottle of real perfume to me as a "bread and butter" gift. Although I was thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift, I wondered what I would do with it. I don't like any perfume! It all stinks to me! And the aroma clashes with ever other toiletry item that I use. 
For instance, 
I shower everyday with a smelly soap.
I smear a smelly day cream on my face and body.
I brush my teeth with a minted toothpaste and rinse with an aromatic mouthwash.
I wash my hair with herbal or floral shampoo and condition with a spicy argan oil conditioner.
Then I style  my hair with gel and/ or hair spray that makes me wish I didn't have to use them.
I pat on a face foundation that looks innocent, but it isn't.  It is produced "in a scent" that is supposedly cleaner than my clean face.
Even the mascara and face blush and lipstick smell.
Then comes the real stinker--the deo to protect my underarms from B.O.
And if that isn't enough, my clean clothes reek of detergent and dryer sheets ( often two diSTINKt fragrances).

Last week I bought an expensive "no perfume" clothes detergent. What a joy it was to wash our clothes and have them have no smell at all! They were clean and not scented.

Now to find an all purpose house cleaner that cleans but doesn't stink up our house. (Flip will be so happy!) Even those homemade varieties with soda, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid are just masking the stench. 

I want the "open the windows" "clean as springtime" freshness aroma. 

Not the STINK!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I've been 'sensitive' to 'scent' for years now. Different reactions to different sources. We live in a perpetual fog of scented items. I've found unscented cleaners and dryer sheets, shampoos and soaps, deodorants and pretty much everything you can think of comes in 'unscented' now...thank goodness. Now if we could only persuade the general population to use them.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Oh gosh, you are so right. I can't stand it when taking a walk through the neighbourhood and the sickly-sweet smell of laundry product comes billowing through the air. What are people thinking? Don't they know all those scents give people asthma? We went to the local dollar store the other night and nearly choked on the intensive smell of cheap laundry product. I had to leave the store because my eyes started burning. (Pity the poor employees!)

We've managed to eliminate most of that in our daily lives. We wash our hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar; we brush our teeth with baking soda and peppermint essential oil; I use baking soda as deodorant; I clean my face with olive oil and castor oil; we moisturise with things like jojoba oil (also completely scentless); my makeup is pure mineral and has absolutely no smell whatsoever; our laundry "detergent" is homemade from only 3 ingredients, one of which has a slight scent that is mostly drowned out by the other two ingredients.

If anything, our house usually smells like garlic or onions.... :)

Linda said...

Thanks for your comment. Have you ever noticed how some food items from some Dollar Stores taste like clothes cheap clothes detergent? Yuck! Linda

Linda said...

Thanks for your comment. I'll be shopping for scentless cleaning products from now on. Happy to know they do exist. Linda

A Quiet Corner said...

Orders drive ME nuts!!!...:)JP

Anonymous said...

Totally with you Linda. I'm very sensitive to cleaning products etc that have a lemon scent they make sneeze like no ones business. But yes in general I hate all the over scented products it's sickly. I try to get through the cleaning products isle at the supermarket as quickly as possible.