Sunday, March 15, 2015

Have a Bles-id Sunday!

Lately there has been a lot of discussion in the news about the greeting using the word "blessed." 

When we moved back down south nine years ago, we started hearing "have a blessed day" quite a lot. The expression doesn't make me feel uncomfortable, and I have convinced myself that most folks who say it do so just as someone years ago would have said, "now, ya'll come back, ya hear."

What worries me most about the blessed day thing is that few people who use it pronounce the "blessed" part correctly.  

When used as an adjective (as in blessed day), blessed is pronounced (bles-id).

Now have a bles-id Sunday and ya'll come back later for my Easter tree photos.


Anonymous said...

Taal is soms moeilijk, maar heel vaak slordig gebruikt!
Ik zeg maar tegen je terug: ik wens je een gezegende zondag!

Lieve groet,

Anonymous said...

i gather blessed is past tense......not that it's one of my sayings but I think I might go with, "have a day of blessings" lol.