Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bedside Manner(s)

My dear mom still has a five week stay in the hospital. Being on an IV of antibiotics for osteomyelitis is no fun thing, but she/we do the best we can. And in the meantime, I meet a few characters that give me food for a few blogposts.

Speaking of food, that is how the weekend doctor literally burst into Mom's hospital room yesterday afternoon. He didn't introduce himself to me, but he began asking my mom what her favorite meal would be. As Mom also has mouth thrush and finds fried tater tots and spicy red beans and rice quite disagreeable, she told him a nice plate of black-eyed peas with okra and a wedge of cornbread would be delicious. In fact, she said anything with veggies would be better than some of the fried crunchy morsels the cafeteria was serving.

As we had asked for a chicken noodle soup replacement for the tater tots at lunch, I initially thought this "clown" was the hospital chef/cook coming to get suggestions from Mom. Then I noticed the stethescope and realized this was the Dr. F. Mom had met on Friday. Nevertheless, he gave a whole spiel that restaurants in southern Louisiana traditionally do not serve too many country type meals with vegetables. Unless, of course, you go to the Piccadilly Cafeteria or Cracker Barrel restaurant. Blablablabla.....

Then Dr. F. recommended a probiotic that we could purchase at GNC that he was sure would cure most of my mom's ailments and gave his opinion of pain meds (narcotics) and was on his merry way.

As he said goodbye, he shouted, "Have a Blessed Day!"

And I said, "Sorry, but that is pronounced 'bless-id day.' Once an English teacher, always an English teacher." (smile)

This was his response: "If I go home and tell my wife who is a doctor that, she will hit me." 

Then he actually jumped out of the room.

Interesting bedside manner(s)!


Anonymous said...

Sort of a "I'm here to help you but there's really nothing I can do so please done't ask me." kind of a guy.

Carla from The River said...

LOL - keep them coming. Hospital Humor.
Sending a HUG, I am sure some of this can get totally ridiculous.

A Quiet Corner said...

Well, Lin, first off, I hope your Mom gets well much sooner than expected...not because of him either...LOL! As far as the pronunciation goes, it kills me to hear what people do to the English language!...:)JP

Anonymous said...

Sending love to your mum.