Saturday, August 22, 2015

Let's Play Tagg!

Some of you have asked about the GPS device that our son bought for us to put on our Flip. 

All three of us were concerned that Flip and his girlfriend Cara were going a little bit too far. Away from home, that is! So we have been trying to keep track of where they "hang out."

Our TomTom GPS for our vehicles lets us know where we are driving and where to turn to get to our destination. 

Flip's Tagg gives him nothing but a pain in the neck attached to his collar, and he rarely knows where he is, where he is going, and how to get there the quickest. But we can monitor the general area where he is and where he has been in case he decides to camp out there or stay out too late for our comfort (or for his).

No need for a GPS at the moment. This dog is "dead" tired after only about one hour out in this heat and with a few extra pounds from taking meds (Prednisone) to reduce the ear hematoma. After two weeks of meds, the vet said he can stop taking the pills. 

It is time to get this guy back into his svelte shape! 

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A Quiet Corner said...

This hot humid weather makes me feel the same way...:)JP