Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Snake Skin, Watermelon Poo, and Ear Hematoma

The joys of living in the sticks. Literally! 

Snake skin ( 6 feet long). Trophy of visiting lab-mix Nismo. Not bad for a 5 month old pup!

Watermelon Poo ( from deer). [You won't find me publishing such dirty photos, although this would have been the prettiest red poo photo ever!]

And Flip has a hematoma on his ear flap. More news about that after we visit the Vet on Friday afternoon. He is sleeping right now, and I don't want to disturb him. 

We have had Flip in "quarantine" since we discovered this huge swelling. Flip is not a happy camper. If you don't watch his every move, he will sneak to the other side of the pond and roll in something disgustingly smelly.

Back to important stuff like cooking noodles for my spaghetti/veggie sauce.

This is what my stovetop looked like yesterday at this time.

Bring on the 100 F temps! 
We are ready!


Kate said...

Wow! That's an impressive skin! Red deer poo? How interesting. Actually, I'd like to see that! I hope Flip's ear gets better soon. Your sauce looks yummy!

Barb said...

My husband came by when I was reading your post and said, "What's that?" meaning the snake skin. When I showed him more, he shuddered! We have no snakes at our high altitude. It's kind of nice to hike and not have to worry about stepping on one! Your supper looks yummy. (I'm visitng you from Button's Blog.)

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh your stovetop looks yummy to me. Country living or living in the sticks always fun:) I do hope it is good news for flip. Hug B

Endah Murniyati said...

Looks so yummy!