Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Floor Manager

The last two days I have been "managing" the floors in our house. 

Nismo the dog has gone to his "real" owner.
Flip is coping with meds for his ear hematoma (which has been cured by the Prednisone in less than two weeks!!) and the rainy weather.
And so I have attacked the hard floors downstairs.

Time for a foot soak.

Still a few more rooms tomorrow. 
Anyone interested in becoming my "floor manager"?

Today's step count inside the house:
3,000 (which is about 1.3 miles).

I can sweat in my veggie garden for four hours and not walk that much!


Janneke said...

Haha, floormanager, keep up mopping!

A Quiet Corner said...

I started keep track of the steps I take in a day, Lin. It ends up averaging 2-2.5miles each day and that does not clued the gym!!! No wonder I am tired at the end of the day....:)JP