Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Never at a Loss for Topics

I wrote a great journal entry for today, and now I can't find it.  I guess it wasn't meant to be published, so I am not writing it again.  I guess the title for today should be Sometimes a Lost Topic. LOL
We always enjoy reading Memaw's Memories:

Valentine’s Day was a big day at school.  We’d decorate a big hatbox pretty with crepe paper and put hearts all over it, and we’d make a big slit in the top to drop our valentines.  A store bought valentine was a thing to “behold.”  We never had money to buy many of those.  We saved them from year to year and changed the names on them.  I can remember one day I was on the way to school and I met Daddy on the road.   He was on his way home.  I asked him for some money to buy valentines.  He gave me three pennies.  That was all the money he had in the world at that time.  Mama said he felt so bad that he couldn’t give me more.  

We didn’t like to miss the Valentine’s party at school.  My sister D and I went to school on Valentine’s.  We waded through the mud to get there.  That evening when we started home, it was raining a flood.  We started home and got to the corner outside of Moro.  Mrs. G and Aunt M had been somewhere and saw us in the rain.  Mrs. G made us go home with her.  She dried our clothes and treated us so good.  Aunt M was a little upset that we didn’t go to her house.  My older brother W rode the horse into town to get us, but we stayed with Mrs. G.  I’ll never forget how good the canned peaches with Pet milk poured over them tasted.  She gave us vanilla wafers, too.  I must have eaten two cans of peaches.

I’ll never forget my sixth grade graduation.  Mama made me a pretty dress.  She ordered the material from Sears and Roebuck and Co.  She also ordered me a new pair of shoes to wear.  The shoes were backordered for a couple of days.  Everyday I’d look for those shoes.  On the day of graduation, I put on my pretty dress and old worn out shoes.  Mama said surely the shoes would be in the mail, and she would bring them to me.  At lunchtime I ran to Aunt M's, and Mama was there, but no new shoes for me.  They hadn’t come in the mail yet.  After much disappointment and many tears, I was talked into wearing my cousin WJ's old worn out shoes.  They were a little dressier than my oxfords.  I just knew everybody was looking at my feet.  Everybody was happy when I wore a new pair of shoes to school the next day.

Awww! One day late! Breaks my heart! Love you, Mom

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