Thursday, February 9, 2012

What the Heck!

Excuse my French, but "wth" is going on with medicine here? Today I went to the doctor (mine is a nurse practitioner) to get a meds prescription refill. My appointment ( I haven't been sick or needed to see my NP since my female exams 15 months ago, so I had to have an appointment) was at 2:30. At exactly 2:30 I entered a cold, bare examination room with the Nurse's nurse. Five minutes later after temp, blood pressure, and heart rate checks by the nurse (with a small n), I was left alone to sit waiting for the NP for one whole hour. At exactly 3:30, I peeked out into the waiting room to tell my hub that I was alive and still waiting. I knew he was imagining that I had passed out and was now in the emergency room of the neighboring hospital.

Finally after another 10 minutes, the NP came in. Not really too concerned with my blood pressure or meds, she told me of all of the blood tests, stool tests, etc. that I needed because of my age. When I mentioned a problem with sciatica, she said, "Legs up and take Aleve." I knew that. Duh! Then she asked if a one month supply of my blood pressure meds would do. When I said that wasn't good since we were going on vacation and couldn't she do longer than that. She said, "Three months, or are you going to be gone longer than that?" I don't make a habit of telling lies to medical professionals, so I said, "Three months is fine. At the end of that time, may I call in for a prescription renewal?" Luckily she said, "Yes." ( and that costs $50.00 before even visiting the pharmacy!).

And I had to ask both the doctor's receptionist and the pharmacy a couple of times before I got the correct receipts/papers for my insurance company. Don't get sick here. Who knows how long you will have to wait! Bring on the socialized medicine!

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