Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Arbor Day in the Country

Actually Arbor Day was last Friday here in Louisiana. It is always the 3rd Friday in January, and I guess that has to do with the fact that our winter temps are so mild that we can plant trees in the "dead" of winter.

Today was Wetcreek's own Arbor Day. Early this morning my hub, Flip, and I went down to the NRCS to buy a few trees to add to our collection. Really we are thinking about replacing some red oaks with some live oaks. Besides buying the five live oaks, we purchased a dogwood, a crabapple, and a pecan. Then we dropped by the Mennonite garden shop and bought more trees- a satsuma, a peach, and a plum.

When we got home I had no intention of planting the trees, but my hub was ready to get them into the soil. So I helped. We planted everything except the satsuma, since it will be replacing a fig tree that refuses to grow tall. We are planning to give the fig a new home next to its distant relative that is doing quite well next to the warm swimming pool wall. But since red ants have infested the little fig, we will wait until another day to move it. It is too risky to get so close and personal to those little creatures.

Spring temps for the rest of the month!

Where was winter?

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