Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Frogs on High

It rains. It rained. It will rain.

We are high and dry, and so are the frogs. This morning I saw the cutest frog clinging with his little sucker feet to the glass on the porch door. He was high up, since we have had almost constant rain since midnight.

After  4 1/2 inches of rain, everything is drenched. And our pond is now up onto our yard.

Global weather changing or just Louisiana New Years?

This is a shot from the levee overlooking the flooded pond and our house in the distance.
Our walkpath alongside the pond is completely covered with water. Immediately in the foreground is the spillway, and normally it is dry.
The second photo is NOT the pond, but the overflow pond on the "landing strip" between our new levee and the old drainage pipe (camouflaged middle left in photo). So actually we have two ponds.

This third photo is on the paparazzis' land. Now they have a pond, whether they want it or not! Thanks to lots of taxpayer money!
Best Wishes in 2013!

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