Friday, January 11, 2013

Black Spiders and Blood

Finally sunshine here again. After three days of rain and more rain (8 inches/203 mm), today we can see all of the dirty windows, dust on the furniture, and spiderwebs on the untouchable landing upstairs. ( photo below) Yuck and yuck!

Speaking of yuck, I had two dreams last night. At least two, in any case. One was about a couch full of black spiders. In the dream, I had just slept on that couch before the spiders appeared. That was a nightmare!!! Then I was sitting in an uncomfortable school desk waiting to see a lawyer about it. Every time I stood up from the desk, someone turned it around 180 degrees. How creepy is that?

The other dream was about blood. More than that, I won't share what I remember.

I think the movie we watched on television last night was too, too much for me.
Think I will stick with DIY and craft shows from now on.

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