Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gardening While Sitting

Several years ago we purchased a rolling garden box. Actually it works like the Fisher Price bus that our toddler son scooted on back 27 years ago. I sit on the garden scooter and am just the right height for weeding our raised veggie beds.

And that is what I have been doing the last two mornings. All five of the beds are weed free and ready for new nourishment (compost) and new seeds or plants.

Sometime in the last year, we purchased a child's schoffel. It isn't a hoe, but it works sort of like that. Instead of chopping down and then pulling towards you, with a schoffel you push away from you and under the weed. This loosens the soil and sometimes cuts the roots. The soil in our garden beds is so soft, that the weeds just push right out. With the child's schoffel, I then drag the weed plant closer to me and throw it into my compost collector basket. Easy Peasy!

(Funny Note:I just checked out the Dutch translation of the text above, and notice that weed is translated as marijuana. LOL Sorry, we do not have that stuff growing in our garden. Just Weeds!)

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