Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amusing Grace

It does not take much to amuse us! Yesterday I even woke my sleeping husband so that he could marvel at the thousands of blackbirds feeding on our property.

I first noticed the birds when I walked out onto the front porch to check on Flip. He was barking like crazy, and I thought there was perhaps a visiting dog next doors. But then I saw and heard the hoards of black birds inching their way onto our triangle of land across the small pond.

It is always amazing how the birds seem to move like synchronized swimmers. Of course there were a few "dutch" birds that did their own thing, but the rest were little "germans and americans" following orders and keeping in formation. (Sorry to get nationalistic with my comparisons. I could not help myself!)

Anyway, we watched the blackbirds cross over the small pond and then invade our front and side yards. They made lots of noise while they were here and later when they flew up into the trees of our neighbors, but I did not see one sign of their droppings once they were gone.

I will welcome visitors like that anytime. Just enjoy your meal here and make a mess somewhere else!

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