Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hot Rollers are Back!

Hot curlers or hot rollers have been around since the late 1960's. That makes them almost 50 years old! Don't some folks call 50 year old items "antique?"

I can remember buying my first Clairol electric hot roller set. For my high school graduation in 1966, my hairdresser aunt Lucy gave me a $20.00 bill. (Back in those days people just sent cash in the mail.) I was soooo excited with the cash gift and immediately purchased a Clairol hot roller set like the photo below.

Rumor has it that when redhead Aunt L. received my thank you note letting her know how happy I was to have bought electric curlers that she was very upset. Back at that time, hairdressers were worried that the invention of hot rollers would ruin the beauty shop businesses. I do not know if that really happened, since I have seen beauty parlor hairdressers using hot curlers on their clients' hair. So I guess hot curlers became an aide, not a destroyer of businesses.

I am now using my 4th electric curler set. Over the 47 years, I have worn out two Clairol sets, one Babyliss set, and now I have a Conair set. The curls definitely do not last very long in my type of hair, but that keeps me from having to walk around in rollers or sit under a hot hair dryer.

Wonder what happened to the vintage steam rollers?

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