Monday, February 11, 2013

Fresh Rolls on the Roof

My mother just told me the funniest story about her youngest sister, who is almost an octogenarian.

I am sure I will mix up the details, but the story goes something like this:

A friend of my Aunt E. asked her if she liked homemade rolls. Of course, she said, "Yes." The friend promised to bring some to my aunt, and Auntie E. left it at that.

The next morning my aunt got up and planned her day. After taking care of the normal things around the house, she decided to go out for a drive. (don't remember if Mom said to the store or to her hospital gift shop volunteer job) Anyway, a few other drivers honked and tried to get my aunt's attention.

When she stopped her car and got out, she found a pan of rolls (not baked yet) on the roof of her new car. Auntie E. took the rolls home and baked them and enjoyed them. Then she phoned the bread making friend to let her know how delicious they were. When she asked the friend when she brought the rolls, the friend said, "Yesterday."

Wonder if my aunt told her friend about taking the rolls "for a spin" on top of her car.

I am glad it wasn't raining then like it has been raining here all day today! I hate soggy bread!

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