Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hub's Blue Pickup Truck

It finally happened. My hub has his own pickup. He hasn't been shouting for joy, but I think he is happy to have his own truck. We have done the best we could with filling up the back of our Jeep Liberty, but now he has a real truck to haul whatever he wants.

Actually my hub has our son's truck that we bought for him back when he was still at the university. Our son said then that as soon as he could replace the truck, we could have it back. Well, he has purchased a couple of vehicles in the last few years, and now the truck is Pop's (Papa's).

The pretty, blue Toyota truck cleans up real nice, but it needs some work. Yesterday we found a few rust spots caused by big city highway traffic that had showered the hood and cab roof with pebbles. Tires need balancing, and just general maintenance.

Guess we had better call the local Toyota dealer and plan to dig deep into our wallets.

But Papa has his own pickup!

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