Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hard Water Rings Away!

One of my best read posts was about "the pink slime" in your toilet and shower.

Now I am attacking the drip stains and hard water rings in our toilet pots in the Beltway apartment.

Those nasty brown rings have driven me crazy since I moved to the Netherlands back in the late 1970's. I have tackled them head-on in every house we have lived in.

Probably the worst was the commode (Papaw's word) in our old Dutch farmhouse in Zoeterwoude. A good dose of chloor (chlorine) seemed to clean that up, so maybe that was not really hard water. :(

Since we began overseeing the Beltway apartment back in 2010, I have tried lots of tricks of the trade to get rid of the hard water rings in the commodes. My mother told me a couple of years ago that my brother's cleaning lady always used a pumice stone for such jobs. Well, I finally found the miracle stone.

It is called Pumie Scouring Stick and distributed by the US Pumice Company in Chatsworth California. I think I bought mine at Walmart or Walgreen's, but Home Depot sells it, too.

Directions on the package:
Pumie must be used with water. First wet the stick. Then rub the edge of the stick on the surface you wish to clean using back and forth strokes. The paste buildup helps to clean and polish. Wash cleaned surface of residue. To clean stick hold under water faucet.

We finally cleaned away the unsightly toilet bowl rings!

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