Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Start Those Engines--Lawn Mowing

For all of my European followers, here is the Wikipedia explanation of that weed eater I am still trying to master:

"Weed Eater was a string trimmer company founded in 1971 in Houston, Texas by George C. Ballas, Sr., the inventor of the device. The idea for the Weed Eater trimmer came to him from the spinning nylon bristles of an automatic car wash. He thought that he could come up with a similar technique to protect the bark on trees that he was trimming around. His company was eventually bought by Emerson Electric and merged with Poulan. Poulan/Weed Eater was later purchased by Electrolux, which spun off the outdoors division as Husqvarna AB in 2006.

Inventor Ballas was the father of champion ballroom dancer Corky Ballas and the grandfather of Dancing with the Stars dancer Mark Ballas.

George Ballas died in June 2011."

Today we mowed our lawn for the first time in 2013.

Notice that I did not say that we "cut the grass, " since most of what we cut were weeds. The grass is down there somewhere, but now it can get light since the weeds have been "eaten." Or chomped. Or just chewed up.

My hub was doing the big spaces on his riding John Deere lawnmower, and I handled the electric push mower and the electric weed eater. The last apparatus handled me, since it never seems to feed the nylon string more than about 1/2 of my job. :(

But our yard looks good and green again.

Now how many more times will we have to mow our lawn this year? Dare I keep count?

Oh, by the way, I will hopefully find out which weeds I "ate" at tomorrow night's Master Gardener class. I missed that one last year.

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