Friday, March 22, 2013

Our Adventure Begins with Robbery

Two days after arriving here our "borrowed" car has been robbed!

This morning around 11 we went out with our shopping bags to do our normal grocery shopping. Our red Polo was parked right in front of the apartment building where we left it yesterday evening. A young man with a small child in a "bakfiets" (baker's bike) was parked in front of our car telephoning the police to report that someone had smashed our passenger window and rummaged through the glovebox.

What a shock for us! Our trusty car was damaged and our TomTom and radio were stolen!

In the freezing cold weather, my hub and brother-in-law came into action. They notified the police and CarGlas, so I will probably do a smaller amount of shopping by myself this afternoon and then walk back home while Hub takes the the car to be repaired.

Welcome to Nederland!

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