Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On Foot

We are giving the Dutch city life a real test.

We still do not have an automobile. The borrowed car is in the shop having the brakes repaired, and we are walking.

Today we left around 11:00 am to go check out the Tuesday street market not far from the Beltway apartment. The weather is still cold and windy, but the sunshine is glorious. We just bundled up and made sure to walk between the houses where the wind wasn't too strong.

The market was only a few stalls (a couple of fruit/veggies, one fish, one butcher, one flower, and one Vietnamese egg rolls stall). Most of the stalls were protected by thick plastic windscreens to block out the cold. We peeked in to them, but then we went to Aldi. I wish I had had my camera, since now I can prove that Trader Joe's and Aldi are the same. I think the peanuts that my hub picked out said Trader Joe's on the sign. Next time I'll have my iPhone to produce the evidence.

Aldi was virtually empty, so we could browse the foods and other items. We always have the most fun checking out the non-food items on the center aisles. Today we bought a huge bag of chocolate Easter eggs and a Teflon oven floor protector (http://shop.nostik.com/#). I have already "googled" the protector for English instructions, and I sampled the Easter eggs!

As we were packing up our purchases in our shopping bag, the cashier began complaining that we needed to hurry up and pay before bagging. There was not one single soul in line behind us, but he needed us to pay so that we could all finish at the same time. Something about we all "needed to work"? Beats me what he was mumbling about!

"Have a good day," said the cashier as we walked away. Service with a smile. ;)

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Mrs. Micawber said...

Gosh, the only Aldi I've been in didn't look a bit like Trader Joe's ... but but perhaps the merchandise was identical and I was just missing the cheery atmosphere and tropical shirted-employees. :)