Monday, November 18, 2013

Blogger and Pinterest Friends

In case you think this blog post today is a "pity party," get those thoughts out of your head. I am happy with my life. (Even if the workers do not show up to finish our remodeling before we go back home!!!!)

Back in 1979, I chose to turn my life around. I chose to leave my friends and family and most of my worldly belongings behind and begin a new life with my love in a new land.

Since that time my family has grown, but the friend group has stayed pretty thin. My hub had (and still has) some super friends. They became my friends, too. But "real" friends like I think I had back before my hub, I have not found. 

But I am still trying to make and keep friends.

My iPad has been a great medium for being and staying "friendly." Just last evening we Facetimed with our friends A and J, while our friends M and J were visiting us in our newly remodeled apartment. My mom and I were even in the middle of an iMessage chat while we were Facetiming! (I know what you are thinking, but this situation with the technology is rare. I do not walk or drive while texting, and in fact my iPhone is rarely even turned on.)

In the last few months I have made some good Blog and Pinterest friends. Although the whole idea may seem creepy to some folks, I do not feel "creeped" out at all. If I notice something peculiar about a follower (or friend), I know that I have the possibility to block them or stop following them. In other words, I can "unfriend" them. But luckily that has been the exception instead of the case.

Every morning when I turn on my iPad I look forward to seeing if my Wetcreek and Wetcreek Museum blogs have gotten Comments. Then I begin to read the blogs that I follow. I comment when I think I should, and even stop following when I realize I really am not interested in the blog. The texts and projects and photos give me the kind of friendship that I missed for many years. My hub even gets to listen to my recounting of my "blog friends'" stories and lives.

I hope you are not sitting reading this and saying " oh, how sad." Because it isn't sad! I cherish the friends I have made on both Pinterest and Blogger. 

Ideally your friends should live next door or down the street, but mine are right here in my lap. 

On my iPad!!!


endah murniyati said...

I'm agree with your. So, through the blog we have more friends from so many country that's sometime unpredictable

Linda said...

Thanks, Endah, for being a faithful follower and friend. Hugs, Linda

Jill said...

Blogging friends are the very best - I've "met" so many nice people - I speak of these people to my husband too!! It's great fun!!

Linda said...

And fun it is! Thanks, Jill. We will be back in North America by this time tomorrow. This was no European Vacation! Linda