Friday, November 1, 2013

Eyebrows at Last

I have never had eyebrows that were visible. 

When I was a child and younger adult, I had blond hair and blond eyebrows. 

Now that I am a retiree, I have grey eyebrows. 

But yesterday I got a new pair of eyeglass frames, and now I have eyebrows!

Maybe you remember what difficulties we had ordering new glasses last Spring and Summer, well these new frames ( that is all I needed!) were attached to my trusty old lenses in less than 10 minutes by our friendly Dutch optician. And since the frames are definitely not the latest in glasses frame mode, they were at a reduced price, too. 

But most importantly, my lenses fit perfectly.

And now I have eyebrows, as an extra bonus. ;)))

1 comment:

Buttons said...

Oh they are nice I love your new eye brows. B