Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anno 1654 De Roskam in Gorssel

Yesterday we visited a few antique and souvenir shops in Gorssel, Overijssel, The Netherlands. Most prices were much too expensive for our taste, but at least I can say I have looked around in those shops. I saw a few interesting ideas, but kept my wallet in my purse.

One shop had nice hats and caps, and my hub found a new corduroy cap (with earmuffs) to wear here in this cold country. So we did support the Dutch economy, a bit.

While we were out in the rainy drizzle, we decided to have a late lunch. We ate at an anno 1654 hotel/restaurant called De Roskam.

(Photo from hotel website)

 Hub chose a cup of French onion soup, potato and meat kroketten/croquettes on white bread, and a cup of coffee. I just stayed with the krokketen on brown bread and mineral water.

When researching this blog post, I found this miserable English translation about De Roskam. Read it and chuckle. Hope this was a translation app and not a lovely Dutch person who "thinks" they know English. ;) Linda


All of the mid-17th century in De Roskam donated wine. An account of that time is before the evidence. It was then lifted the glass to the decision just taken to increase. Church tower with ten foot

In 1751 Aeltjen Aelbers widow bequeathed "the house in the village Gorssel, where the Roskam whereabouts" to her servant William van der Meij and his wife. After De Roskam generations remained in the possession of the same family. Operating a tavern with lodging and livery was apparently not profitable enough to support a family.Therefore had around the 19th century the then owner, Willem van der Meij, also a coal trading and an insurance agency. Son Jan was crazy about cars and the livery was taxi. Jan was also during the prewar years commander of the local fire brigade. The fire alarm call came to him in De Roskam stream, where a siren firefighters were alerted. 

The button for the siren was-of course-operated from the same Roskam. At Roskam a significant piece of land, which over the years was partly crammed heard. A portion of this land was made available free for buildings with a public function. Thus the town Gorsselse not coincidentally right next to De Roskam. 

Early thirties was also put down a station on a plot of Roskam. There was at that time a steam between Zutphen and Deventer. The tram line was short-lived, but the station, known as the Tram House, still stands a stone's throw behind De Roskam. 

The renovation since 2004 has ensured that the hotel is a landmark has remained an essential function in the Gorsselse village community. Well may be said: "De Roskam, for over 350 years a warm welcome." 

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