Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not Quite Finished

Countdown time. We have one week to finish up what we can here at the Beltway Apartment. 

Our "jack of all trades" says he can come finish up his job on the 25th of November, but we will be back at home on November 21st. So I am not sure if those jobs will be"finished" until Spring 2014 :(. 

But the wooden floor guys showed up at 11:00 AM today and say they will be finished by Friday. We may be sleeping in our bed in the living room sometime this week, but at least maybe that flooring job will be done. We had already cleared out the living/dining and kitchen for the painters a couple of weeks ago, and it was still virtually empty. So ripping out the blue/green carpet should be easy.

With an empty room and no curtains and time on my hands, I started getting ideas. The bare windows looking out on the beautiful old city and the balcony were just too bare and sterile. So two weeks ago I decided that we needed simple curtains to "frame" the huge windows. What better curtains than "Lenda" from Ikea! They are the same curtains/drapes that we have in our home in the US. 

Last night I almost finished hemming these new curtains, except I ran out of iron-on hem tape. I have ordered 5 more meters from the Hema (free next day delivery!), which should be delivered sometime today.

Just like everything else these last five weeks.

Not quite "finished."

Oh, well (deep sigh).

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It must be exciting to be getting things done though :-)