Thursday, November 14, 2013

No Toilet Tomorrow Night!

Last night we almost ate our babi pangang and bami with our fingers out of the plastic containers. You guessed it, we had no access to our kitchen. And guess who forgot to rescue forks, knives, spoons, and plates from our kitchen before the floor guys forbid us to walk across the newly oiled wooden floors!

After picking up our Chinese dinner, we realized that we needed utensils and dinnerware. So back to the grocery store for plasticware it was!

Tonight we are sleeping in the living room. We can still make it through the rubble and dust to our bathroom, but that will not be the case tomorrow night. We will have to play hopscotch with polishing clothes to get to the toilet. 

And we are supposed to have a sleep-over guest. 

Pajama party at our age? Hope she doesn't mind :P


It's me said...

Are you in Holland now ???...on vacation or familly visit ???..where do you live ??? from Ria..x !

Endah Murniyati said...

Hope you get 'normal' place for your all activity

Jill said...

Sounds like fun at your place! Keep calm!

Linda said...

Hi Ria. Long story. When you have time you might be interested in developments in our lives since last year that I have included in my blog. Next time we are in The Netherlands, I am going to come check out your winkel. Linda

Linda said...

It was normal but not nice and clean anymore. Now it will be almost "new." Linda

Linda said...

Hehehe. Thanks for the encouragement, and we won't have a house guest tonight. Whew! Now we can clean up before she comes tomorrow night. Linda