Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It Got Worse Before It Got Better

You know that ice storm we woke up to this morning? 

Well, it got worse. (no photos, sorry)

And around lunch time the electricity went out. 

And, yes, we are a fully electric home!

Oh, we have a fireplace.  But as we have never used it in the 7 years living in this house, we did not want to risk it today. I don't enjoy firemen visitors on even a nice day!

So we read until around 5:15. Then ate chilly, room temperature dinner leftovers from yesterday. I always cook for two days, and today was the second half. 

We found the wind-up radio and searched for an emergency weather station.

Before it got dark, my hub walked Flip in the freezing cold. 

Then I lit candles. 

And Hub lit the two vintage gas lamps and put the battery lamp on the hall bench.

We put our headlamps in our pockets and Then The Electricity Came On at 6:15!


NanaDiana said...

Oh dear! Glad your power is restored. Isn't it amazing how much we depend on our utilities for day to day living. Glad it's fixed! xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Just like pioneer days.