Saturday, March 1, 2014

National Peanut Butter Lovers Day

National Peanut Butter Day

My mother tells the story that when I was a child that I would choose a peanut butter sandwich over a steak.

Well, I suppose that is still true. Oh, I love a good steak prepared by my son or my youngest brother out on their grills, but finding a good meat today isn't what I am famous for.  Most of our steaks taste like cardboard after I try my hand at broiling them.

But steaks are not what this day is about. 

It's Peanut Butter! 

I love it! My hub loves it! And Flip loves it! Now what more could I ask for?

This week we are eating the Walmart Great Value brand of the yummy, peanutty spread. Our absolute favorite brand is Dollar General's nut butter from Clover Valley, but we aren't too picky. Our spread does not have to be the most expensive, but it has to taste good. 

Oil on top that needs stirring into the mixture is not what I like. I do not want to see how much "fat" I am consuming. 

I don't like the kind with chips or chunks of peanuts, so that means that when we visit our Beltway apartment in The Netherlands we do not buy Calve peanut butter. We buy the cheap stuff from Lidl or Aldi. It tastes better, believe it or not!

My Dutch hub usually eats his treat right out of the jar. I spread mine on bananas, bread, cookies, Ritz crackers, and even cake. My favorite lunch sandwich is peanut butter and Nutella on white bread. Tastes like a Reeses peanut butter cup sandwich. 

Flip prefers his PB on a cookie.

Yes, this horse (Animal Crackers) will do fine.

Just a smear of PB, otherwise he will have it stuck in the top of his mouth. And that isn't fun for him, but we get a good laugh while he manages that.

He is waiting patiently.

Happy Peanut Butter Day!

For more info, check out this site or click on National Peanut Butter Day at the top of my text:


Anonymous said...

One of the many many treats we've given up in the name of healthy eating sigh.

miniviper said...

100% peanut butter is actually very healthy when consumed in moderation. There are lots of athletes, body builders, etc that use peanut butter as a good source of healthy fats. I make peanut butter with a high power blender at home and this way know that it does not contain palm oil and other additives that make it unhealthy.

NanaDiana said...

Happy Peanut Butter Day! We sometimes make our own when I am not too lazy- lol xo Diana

Linda said...

I made peanut butter for you when you were a baby. Even have a special peanut butter grinder that you can have. It is the devil to clean! Plus I always found the peanut butter too dry. Maybe you could give me your recipe ;) love you, Mom

A Quiet Corner said...

Never tried to make our own...I eat it by the tablespoon when I come in from the gym! Flip and I would be best friends...:)JP

Tracey Bradley said...

LOVE peanut butter! But found I was been drawn to the cupboard for a sneaky spoonful a little too often….and I'm the only one who likes it. So, now I'm having a peanut butter break. Just a short one, mind :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I can eat peanut butter out of the jar! I love it! One grocery store we go to lets you grind your fresh and yummy! Hugs!