Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break Begins

Sunshine at the Beltway Apartment.

I do not plan to keep a daily journal of our Spring Break to Europe, but this blog may sometimes read like that. 

My Dutch hub and I arrived at Schiphol Airport this morning one hour earlier than scheduled. So that means we had to wait for our taxi. Arriving at the busiest traffic time, you never know if the taxi can make good time or not. Our driver said he checked the arrival time before he went to bed on Tuesday night, and there was no notification that our flight would arrive early. Only those of us on board were given that info, I guess. So we waited. What else is there to do when you have reserved a taxi? And when your inner clock says it is 1:00 am and why aren't you in bed asleep?

The ride to the Beltway was a usual "trip" for me who hates Dutch highway high speed morning traffic. But we arrived safely and found the apartment bathed in sunlight. Heat turned on, new Ikea curtains thrown wide open, a few rugs thrown on the new wooden floors, and it is "home sweet home" for the next six weeks!

I found a package of sliced Gouda cheese and a few slices of brown bread in the freezer. So our first meal was simple but filling. Now that we have a new American size fridge, we won't have to visit the grocery store every couple of days.

I have already slept a couple of hours to try to get over this jet lag, but I will let Hub sleep a little longer before reminding him that we need to get out into this sunshine and get some provisions for the next few weeks.

Today is Spring weather here. But the weather report is Summer tomorrow! 

Can't ask for a better beginning to a European Vacation!


Buttons said...

Oh now I want gouda:) Have fun. B

Jill said...

I am looking at snow - lucky you!!

Willy said...

Geniet van het mooie weer!

A Quiet Corner said...

Although I don't like traffic and congestion either, I am excited to simply read YOU ARE THERE!!!!How exciting!!!...:)JP

Wendy Bellino said...

Have fun! Looking forward to your posts!