Sunday, March 30, 2014

What a Collection at Hotel de Leeuw in Deventer!

Back last Fall when we took the Etty Hillesum walking tour of Deventer, The Netherlands, we were told of a Jewish baker family that tried to hide from the Nazis during WWII by moving the family to the attic of a house across the street. They did not keep a good eye on their children and a small daughter was seen peeking out of a window. I can imagine that some Dutch neighbor became richer (5 guilders per person?) by reporting the family to the Nazis and seeing them transported to a concentration camp. Sad, but probably true!

Well, we passed the bakery shop (now a coffee/tea shop)/hotel while out walking yesterday and stopped in for coffee and tea and delicious krentewegge (richly filled raisin bread). Hotel de Leeuw

We had been told there was a museum on the location, and this is what we saw:
Hundreds of coffee mills

And more coffee mills.

There was a candy shop with little paper "punt"(point) bags and jars and bags full of candy.

Makes my teeth hurt to see these.

Shelves of tins of all shapes and sizes.

More tins.

Cookie (speculaas) boards.

Can you believe this collection?

Metal butter and chocolate molds on the left and wooden cookie molds above.


Anonymous said...

Those candies don't make my teeth hurt to look at them.....let me at them. What a marvellous collection of tins and cookie boards.

It's me said...

Ja leuk he ???....ben er geweest !!...liefs Ria...x !

Paulette said...

I would enjoy this wonderful museum filled with all of those treasures!

endah murniyati said...

Amazing, a really nice place to be visited. Wonderful collections, especially coffee mills collection

Jill said...

So many things to look at - so neat!!

A Quiet Corner said...

Diny and Menno...are at the beach...we are meeting them later!...:)JP

Willy said...

Wow, je kijkt je ogen uit. Dit wil ik wel eens met eigen ogen zien.
Bijzonder verhaal erbij.
Dank je.