Monday, March 17, 2014

Pizza Delivery and The Big City

We live reasonably isolated/insulated from the outside world. And we have been living like this for over 25 years now. Oh, we worked and visited in the big wide world, but home was "out in the sticks." (Well, sticks these days and fields when we were still in The Netherlands.)

Today we are in The Big City with our son. Sights and sounds are quite different from our solitude in the country, but remember that I like "the neighborhood." 

Even Flip adjusts quite quickly now. This morning we took a quick doggie sanitary walk down the neighborhood street, and now he is nestled back in his bed inside his cage. That will somewhat be his routine for the next few weeks. Wonder if he remembers that from the times passed, or does he just know that is where he can find his bed?

Tomorrow my hub and I will cross over the big puddle to spend the next few weeks with more humans than we want to count. I'll be back in a neighborhood, and he will be able to talk (in Dutch, that is).

After six weeks at the Beltway Apartment, we will probably be ready for a quiet summer at a dry Wetcreek.

(Oops, forgot to say that we had pizza delivered last night. That would never happen in Wetcreek. Don't think you can find us on a GPS! But we will try it out at least once at the Beltway Apartment.)


Anonymous said...

There are SOME perks to city living.

A Quiet Corner said...

You are going to have a wonderful time!!!! I hear it on your voice...:)JP

Buttons said...

Oh speaking Dutch will be happening here during a wedding coming up I am sure. Pizza yum that is the good part of the city:) Hug B