Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sorry. I Am The Cleaning Lady

Do you still get an unwanted telephone call now and then? 

Well, we do. In fact, we received one this morning as I was scurrying around the house getting ready for our cleaning lady to come vacuum the floors. 

The gentleman on the phone was polite and wanted to verify an address for a free magazine my hub had ordered. The mailing address was correct, but then he dropped the big question:"What is your name and function?" 

My answer was, "Oh, sorry. I am the cleaning lady." 

With a polite, "Sorry to have bothered you,"the caller hung up.

Bingo! Now I have my new way to get rid of annoying callers. 

Oooor, I could say the following:
"You are speaking with the gardener (or chef, or washwoman, or nurse, or chauffeur, or caregiver, or pet manicurist, or pet sitter, or window washer, or errand girl, or dog walker, or who knows what else)."


  1. Sorry, I'm the accountant and I can't disclose any information about my clients.

  2. My hubby always says he is the "Robbers dog".

  3. And it's all true! Thanks for the idea. We get WAY too many unwanted calls and I hate to be rude to the poor telemarketers - will have to try this out. :)

  4. A very good idea, from time to time we also get too many unwanted calls.

  5. Was it really for something your hubby ordered? Those scammers sometime will ask for information to "finish" up a sale of something a spouse ordered. I hate all those unwanted calls. My MIL used to blow a whistle into the xo Diana

  6. I say, " I am so sorry I did not hear what you said. Are you the funeral home returning our call?" They hang up fast.

  7. A friend of ours puts their toddler on the phone. We don't have a house phone, we just have cell phones, and we haven't had the telemarketing calls anymore. Thank goodness! Thank you so much for following, I followed you back. I'll snoop around if you don't mind :-)