Thursday, May 29, 2014


What idiots take their dog for a walk with an approaching rainstorm in sight? 

Well, you guessed it! We did last evening. 

Flip had cabin fever around 7:00 pm, and that is about the time for our daily walk. So off the three of us went. Two with open umbrellas and the third jumping from the canopy of one tree to the next. 

(Sorry, no camera shots! The camera would have been ruined from the downpour!)

After trying to dodge the sheets of rain, the three of us huddled in the middle of our gravel road under the two umbrellas until we knew that was a useless effort. (And, yes, our Flip was obedient and stayed right between us out of the rainfall.)

Then we headed back to the house. I don't know who was wetter, Flip or the two of us. Flip hates showers (the kind with soap), but he loves to be toweled off. So his bedtime started off well last evening.

And those 200+ boxwood cuttings (stekjes) that we prepared and planted yesterday afternoon got an extra watering to get them on their way to rooting.

Pond's up!  (We got 4 inches (10 centimeters) in that downpour!)

Hub's grass seed got water!

And we won't have to water the veggie garden for a few days!

Grow Babies Grow!


Beth said...

We need some of that rain here. I am glad you got a nice shower!

Anonymous said...

We could use some of that rain over here.

Paulette said...

Linda, I am no gardener, but I am interested in how you do your cutting for the boxwood. Everything looks so nice and green.

A Quiet Corner said...

Linda, what do you use to root them? A certain root medium?...:)JP

Alie said...

What a vieuw wauw and looks like a park around your house!!

Endah Murniyati said...

Great scenery! The cuttings look grow so happy