Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Before It Rains Today

We haven't had rain in a couple of weeks. But the raindrops are on their way. 

Here is what our yard/garden looks like now.      [;))) Miniviper]

Our old "Mama Agave" made it through the harsh winter. Her babies and grand-babies did not do as well, but they are alive.

Bottlebrush blossom.

Our grapevine canopy is back.

New boxwood topiaries by the front door.

Daisies that have survived many seasons and are still beautiful.

Who needs sunflowers?

Candy cane hydrangea. And yes, it is time to weed out the grass in the mulch. It grows right through the geotextile fabric and the cedar mulch!!!!


My propagation miracles! Boxwood hedge that needs a haircut. Good job for rainy weather.

Another view of the first propagation crop.

These guys survived a cold winter, dry spring, and now hopefully they will take off running with some rain.

The "squirt fig" that seems to be making a come-back.

Maybe a handful of Ouachita blackberries this year.

These beautiful tomato plants were 3 inches tall when we went to The Netherlands in mid-March.We caged them before we left, but no one did anything to them for that 6 weeks or even the last 4 weeks we have been back home. (Oh, now they get 20 minutes of water every 7:00 am.)

Luscious leaves!

And huge tomatoes!

And that is what is happening in our garden. (Deer, possums, snakes, and caterpillars are busy, too.)


Paulette said...

Oh, how I love daisies! Your garden and plant life are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Wat woon je mooi, Linda! En een grote tuin!
Prachtige bloemen heb je en als de tomaten rijp worden, heerlijk.
De madeliefjes zijn ook prachtig, die zijn bij ons veel kleiner.
En ik hoop dat jullie ook wat regen mogen krijgen. Het komt hier met bakken uit de lucht!

Liefs, Gerry

Janie Junebug said...

I love your symmetrical topiaries at the front door.


NanaDiana said...

How VERY GORGEOUS everything is! Love the gardens and those tomatoes are unbelievably healthy looking. It is all wonderful~ xo Diana

A Quiet Corner said...

Looking pretty darn good to me, Linda! Your daisies are blooming while mine haven't even budded yet!!! ..:)JP

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

How neat to see everything bouncing back and starting to thrive!

Hindustanka said...

Very beautiful garden Linda! Also I like you have no fences actually, looks so wide and free.
It is boiling hot here, I have no wish to do anything in our garden, and many plants also don't survive...