Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's Just All the Dirt

How do you save money gardening? Why just recycle the dirt!

This morning I rounded up all failed pot plants (alias Pots of Dirt) and dumped them on top of rice hull compost in my wheelbarrow. Then I added some fertilizer granules and stirred with a shovel. Voila! Potting soil! The only real dirt!

Plants are so expensive (our local garden center charges $5.00 a plant). Don't even look up at the hanging baskets! They are waaaaay toooooo high (price, that is) and as boring as "dirt." Usually just one plant on steroids that begins drooping on the way to your house.

But this morning I potted up the $60 worth of "ho-hum" plants I found yesterday at a farm shop, and I hope that some added Miracle Gro will produce the front porch look I want. 

If I am lucky, there will be leftover plants on Friday at the 1/2 off end of Spring sale at the local garden center.

Photos to follow ;)


Endah Murniyati said...

Here, almost pot plants are very expensive too. So, sometime I collect seed from roadside or 'exchange' my collection with my friends.

Beth said...

I noticed how pricey the plants are this year. Way expensive!

Hindustanka said...

The plants are quite cheap in India. Still I've got no time to make our front garden... may be next weekend.
I wish your new plants grow well!