Friday, May 16, 2014

Stats Reader

Recently a follower wrote that she had not been very active in blogging but was coming back. According to what I could see in my Blogger Stats, either she or someone following her blog was part of my Audience. Anyway, "big sister" is watching who reads her Wetcreek Blog.

Today I noticed that someone from Nigeria is reading my blog. 

Actually, that is not really surprising to me, since our son is there on business. And just this morning he iMessaged a view from his hotel room and also a donut type treat called pof pof (puff puff) that looks and tastes like the Dutch New Year's treat called "Oliebollen."

Room with a view.

Bring on the powdered sugar!

Boy, how things have changed in the last 35 years! When I moved to The Netherlands in 1979, I had to pay $8.00 a minute to call home to my parents in Louisiana. The first time my brother and SIL phoned me and got a phone bill for $45, they never called again to "chat." Letters were not so expensive, but they took usually two weeks by air mail (today it is still one week!). Most business letters we get today from The Netherlands take 6-8 weeks, since those folks never use the correct postage. And what happened to Airmail stickers?

So having a "right now" chat with our son on this Friday is high tech! 

And keep following my blog. I like my Stats! I am on my way to 700 posts! Maybe by my birthday?


Janie Junebug said...

At least you know it's your son. In most cases, when you have people in certain countries "reading" your blog, they're trying to infiltrate it.


A Quiet Corner said...

Whew...that got me a tad nervous, Linda!!!...:)JP

Linda said...

True! Don't they have anything better to do?

Paulette said...

I have enjoyed many of your posts. Congrats on almost 700 posts.