Friday, May 30, 2014

Mama Deer Chases Dog

Flip was flabbergasted! He sat and watched in awe as our neighbor's small terrier was chased across our front field by a mama deer protecting her young one. 

Sadly, we have no video. It all happened so quickly, that only Flip, my hub, and I "recorded" the amazing event. (This would surely have been a YouTube sensation!)

Before lunch yesterday, my hub called me to the front door window to look at the deer drinking from our pond. As the only deer we have seen recently was one in my raised veggie bed, this sight was a treat. That was until Cara showed up. 

Cara is a small black female terrier that our beagle Flip "hunts" with every morning from around 7-10 am. Flip had already returned home, and Cara was still "huntin'" (as they say around here). She was sniffing in the baby deer's tracks down to the pond, and Mama deer saw her. 

At that moment, the chase began. But the deer became the hunter! Cara could not believe that the roles were reversed. And neither could our Flip. As the deer got closer to his girlfriend, he woke up to the fact that he had to do something. So he jumped up, began barking, ran cautiously down to the edge of the pond, but by that time the chase was on down the road and over in our neighbor's yard.

And that was our sensation for the day (week, month, year, etc. ) at Wetcreek.

Since we did not get a video, you might enjoy this one: Deer Jumps Over Dog


Anonymous said...

It never fails does it...the kodak moment of a lifetime and .... no camera.

Beth said...

I think that must have been a sight to see!

Janie Junebug said...

When we lived in Western Maryland, a cross country race was held at the local community college. The runner in the lead was nearing the end when a deer jumped out of the bushes and knocked him down. I guess she didn't want him to win.


NanaDiana said...

Linda- What a GREAT story. I love those animal stories....yep---too bad you didn't get it on video! xo Diana

Paulette said...

You didn't need to have any photos or video you told the story so well I could see it in my minds eye.