Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blog Text Fonts (and Colors)

I may lose a couple of blog followers because of this post. I won't name names, but I will be honest and tell you what I can't read (aka SEE) on some of my Favorite blogs.

I can not read curvy (cutesy) scriptlike fonts.
(Not just my opinion, please Click Here.)

I can not read most color text except black.  Quote from : Why risk losing so many readers? Black or very dark gray on white looks clean, and there are plenty of great themes that use those colors.

If you were following my blog last summer, you know that the local optometrist shop and I never did get my prescription glasses worked out. I finally just got new frames for my old lenses. 

So maybe my problem seeing blog text is my lenses. And just maybe it is with certain text styles. 

In any case, reading blogs is more fun when I can see (aka READ) the text.

Now is the time for all good bloggers to come to the aide of older blog followers! 
Rant is over. Have a good weekend.


Beth said...

Oh, I so agree with you. That is why I do my post in bold face type. With trifocals and eyes nearing cataract surgery I have a difficult time reading some posts. I do have to ctrl + on some blogs to get the type big enough for me to read.

Anonymous said...

I just bolded enlarged and blackened my fonts.....I find yours quite small and faint.

Janie Junebug said...

I agree with Delores that your font is a bit difficult to read. It's not small, to me, but it is faint. Sometimes the leaves and the items in the sidebar overwhelm your text. And I'm not trying to pick on you, but it's not "can not." "Cannot" is one word. I'm not going to stop following your blog. I don't know if you visit mine regularly, and if you don't, then that's fine. I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but I think you are quite interesting.


Linda said...

Yea! I wanted this criticism of my blog. I almost never look at it on the PC. I don't have the foggiest idea what I am doing most of the time. Adding links has been an ordeal, but I think I am getting better. Now to figure out how to blacken my fonts and make them larger. Thanks for being honest. I still do not like curly fonts and light colored texts. Glad yours are so easy to read, Delores. ;) Linda

Linda said...

Thanks, Janie for your comments. And, yes, I read your blog quite regularly. This blog making is still a mystery for me. I usually count on my son to proofread my blog, since he finds the mistakes. He had a great 7th grade English teacher ;))). I appreciate your proofing, but in this post I was stating that I can not read curly fonts. Maybe the "not" should have been written in bold type. But this post was about the difficulties I have with font styles and colors. A little constructive criticism is always good. Sometimes flowery compliments are soooo boring! ;) Linda

Anonymous said...

go to on customize under the layout template box.....choose advanced....then choose post text from there you can find the various choices.....if your layout does not provide black as a choice use the colour box.

Linda said...

Thanks, Delores. I am trying something else. If I do not like what I have done, I will try your suggestion. Linda

A Quiet Corner said...

Linda, can you see mine OK? A very good point you bring up...:)JP

Linda said...

JP, I will get back to you later. I am sitting at the PC where everything is 31 inches! Have a good evening! Hugs, Linda

Linda said...

Hope this is better, Delores. Hugs, Linda

Janie Junebug said...

Constructive criticism of my blog helped me learn to improve the font and colors. It's been a long time since I had a complaint about it being difficult to see. It helped me a lot to feel free to try out various fonts and colors, knowing that I could always go back to what I'd had in the past. I also have some very nice blog friends who are more computer savvy than I am. They're very kind about answering my questions, and will even hold my (virtual) hand to lead me through something I don't understand. I used to be a grader for an English professor at a university. "Can not" nearly drove me insane because I saw it so frequently. I'm sticking with my contention that you should use "cannot," but I don't want to be pissy about it. If "can not" makes you happy, then you should darn well write "can not."

Happy Sunday!