Sunday, June 1, 2014

Creepy at Midnight

I just creeped myself out. What if one of my "female" followers is really a "male"? 

Oh, who cares! 

I write this blog for myself. 

Not for creeps!

Time to call it a day. Waaaay past my bedtime!


Anonymous said...

You have no reason to fear this follower....just a white haired, overweight old lady. Honest. Go to bed.

Beth said...


Donna Wilkes said...

I once had a blog stalker who would not comment on my post, but send personal emails paragraphs long. At first I felt I had to answer, but finally asked her to stop as I did not have the time to invest in a new friendship. It turned out to be a man! I will say he was nice and went away.

Hindustanka said...

As soon as he/she doesn't annoy with any comments/e-mails it doesn't matter ;) May be the follower\s name confused you?
Sleep well Linda!